Prep Baseball Report

Why do a Prep Baseball Report tournament?

The Prep Baseball Report is now the No. 1 independent amateur baseball scouting service in the country, focusing deeply on the state level players, in each and every state we cover. Here in New York, we run Top-Flight showcase events 12-months out-of-the year, including last year’s New York State Games (over 70 colleges attended), providing players with a visible platform to gain high-end exposure.

Our tournaments will be executed no different. In New York, tournaments will be covered via Social Media (@PBRNewYork) with game highlights, action shots, and players of the game. Currently over 16,000 people follow our New York twitter account, several hundred of those followers are college and pro scouts. Not only will you receive social media coverage, but starting in 2017 our Showcase Age (16U-17U) will be covered by our ever-growing boots-on-the-ground scouting team.  Scouting material may consist of, but is not limited to: Social media scouting stats such as pitching velocities, catcher pop-times, and home-to-first times. First thought articles, top-performer list, and comprehensive player analysis pieces (based on tournament standouts) can all be expected following the tournaments. The Prep Baseball Report is now subscribed to by more than 700 colleges across the country.

* Not every game played will be covered by a scout